Yoga & CBD To Beat the Winter Blues

Yoga & CBD

Happy New Year! Now that we are kicking 2020 to the curb, it’s time to lean into the self-love practices that bring us ease and joy, and commit to making 2021 a better year ahead. Two of our favorite self-care tools are CBD & yoga as both have been shown to have significant effects on anxiety and are reported to improve inflammation in the body & decrease overall pain. For this practice we decided, why not pair the two together?

We also recommend checking out this informative article to learn more about how both yoga & CBD can be utilized in tandem for beneficial mind and body effects.

For the winter season, we’re offering you a super low-key sequence of Yin/Restorative poses to nourish your nervous system and encourage deep inner quiet. We suggest taking a 10-20 mg dose of CBD about 30-60 minutes before you get on your mat. Treat yourself & enjoy! 

What you will need: 

  • Yoga Mat
  • Pillow or bolster
  • Blanket

Step 1

Meditate and set intention

Take a ½ to full dropper of either Marigold or Cannaste CBD Tincture (get them here) while you are getting ready for your practice. Feel free to set an intention as you take the tincture. Example: “I invite calm into the rest of my day.”

Step 2

Yoga & CBD.Child's pose

Come to a child’s pose, with your hips dropping back toward your heels, your belly resting between your thighs, hands reaching forward. Elongate your inhales and exhales as your rest here for 3-5 minutes, breathing through sensation as it moves throughout your body. 

Optional: Stretch your blanket out over your yoga mat so you have an extra layer of softness for your knees.

Step 3

Yoga & CBD. Small back bend

Slowly unwind from your Child’s pose by walking your hands back toward your knees, lifting your chest up and then bringing your legs out in front of you to encourage blood flow. Feel free to lean back and shake your legs as you breathe for a few moments.  Then, as you feel ready, bring your bolster behind you so it supports the length of your spine as well as your head. 

The end of your bolster should extend to the end of your mid-back and your hips will sit on the ground. Your knees can be bent (as pictured) or legs long on your mat, with a blanket underneath your knees. Turn your palms up. Stay here for 3-5 minutes, breathing deeply & gently.

Step 4

Yoga & CBD. V shape bend

Coming out of the pose, if your legs were long on your mat, make sure to bend your knees first, then turn your palms down and press into your hands and feet to gently lift yourself off the bolster and roll to one side. Take it as slow as you’d like and gently press your way up and back to a seated position with your legs long in front of you. 

When you are ready to transition to the next pose, bring your legs into a big V shape on the ground in front of you, so both of your heels are on the floor, wider than the edges of your mat. Take the bolster from behind you and put it in front of you, scoot your hips back so they are firmly planted on the ground and lean forward over the bolster.  Stay in the pose 3-5 minutes and nourish your spine with your breathing.  

Optional: You can use your bolster like a kickstand and lean your forehead against it, sitting more upright (not pictured).

Step 5

Yoga & CBD. Upward leg lift stretch

Press your hand into the ground or bolster to lift yourself up from the forward fold and lean back, bring your heels together in front you and take a few moments to breathe into the front of your body, closing your eyes if you choose. After this, set your bolster to the side of your mat within arms reach and lay down on your mat, with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Once you are there, lift your hips off the ground and slide your bolster underneath your hips and low back. Bring your legs up toward the ceiling, close your eyes and breathe. Stay here as long as you can to close your practice. 

Optional: support your legs on the wall while your hips rest on the bolster (not pictured).

We hope you enjoyed this simple flow. Yoga & CBD are the perfect pairing and your body (and mind) will thank you for taking a little time for yourself!

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