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We’re excited to announce a new line of CBD-infused edibles that have officially hit the shelves – but we don’t anticipate them staying there for long so grab yours while you can!

“The Story Behind Gron” – Grön was founded by fourth generation Texas native, Christine Smith. After receiving her degree from the University of Texas she dedicated a 20-year long career toward her studies in architecture design alongside her husband Jasper who owned and operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon, where they have resided since 1999. With her expertise in strategic proportions, perfecting composition, and her curiosities with tempering chocolate, Christine noticed a lack of diversity in hemp infused confections as they were limited to cannabis-butter treats typically wrapped in cellophane that really lacked a wow factor. In 2014 Grön was born, supported by Christine’s passion to bring something new and exciting to the public. The name Grön, pronounced “grew-n”, is the Swedish word for ‘green’ which evokes Christine’s studies in Denmark and love for all things sustainable and Scandinavian. 

A Grön chocolatier at work
Grön’s chocolatiers create conscious, ethically-sourced confections

Grön currently offers a delicious variety of milk and dark chocolate flavors. All Grön products are Fair Trade Sourced and their cacao beans are most often single origin sourced. They believe in creating valuable relationships with cacao farmers where they put their full trust into as they are specialists in their craft and have been doing it for generations. All hemp is grown at their home on Skunk Valley Farm where Jasper oversees the properties Tier II OLCC-certified and Clean Green Certified grow facility. In addition to this, all chocolate packaging is biodegradable and even child-resistant – as Christine and Jasper are proud parents of two kids, a dog, cat, two horses, and nine chickens.

But wait, there’s more from the Story Behind Gron!

Grön products have expanded past just chocolate! They also offer sugar coated hemp-infused gummies, tinctures, and topicals like balms and skin care products. Today, a variety of Christine’s sweet creations are available in more than 400 dispensaries across Oregon – and now to the San Francisco Bay Area at Vitae! 

Grön gummies
The Grön line includes a variety of delectable sugar-coated gummy creations!

Grön has a mission to create products that empower, enlighten, and leave the world a little better than they found it as they believe that life is worth savoring and everyone deserves a chance to experience all that life has to offer. The team at Vitae values supporting and empowering other business owners that have goals to make the world a better place and reflects desires to share the incredible effects and benefits that hemp can provide. We cannot wait for you to try this new line of products and we know you’ll love it as much as we do.  

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