Strong Women & Cannabis: Sally Boyd

Sally Boyd - Women Owned Business

As a second installment in our Strong Women & Cannabis series, we wanted to highlight Sally Boyd of the Woman Owned Business Marigold Botanicals

Her incredible line of CBD products has quickly become some of our top sellers at Vitae. Not only are they effective, but they’re organically sourced which we know is super important to our customers here in the bay area.

Check out our interview below and then treat yourself to some of her divine products in-shop or online!

I’d love to hear a bit about your journey in establishing Marigold and your introduction to cannabis & hemp in general. Feel free to share stories or how it became a focus in your life.

We at Marigold are happy to have a partnership with your beautiful boutique! My interest in hemp was first piqued when I heard about juicing fresh cannabis leaves for healing.

I had some health issues at the time and was looking for something I could actively do to help myself get better.

My partner happens to be a talented plant cultivator and farmer, and I have a background in processing plants for art making and for medicine making so the logical next step was finding some hemp seeds to start working with.

How did you get involved in the cultivation of hemp? How about the production of your CBD products? 

The seed for Marigold Botanicals was really planted through the experience of making our own remedies from the few hemp plants we were growing.

My partner’s mom, Meenakshi got involved and eventually we began testing everything we made, and in this way built our knowledge of the plant, and how different methods of processing produced different results. 

During this time what became clear as the market began to flood with CBD products, was that there would be consumers like us – wanting to know how the plant was cultivated,

With care and organically?

How it was then processed

Harshly? With high heat or chemicals?

A discerning consumer who wanted something effective, high-quality and organically sourced. We decided to make that niche in the marketplace by creating a business model with an intentionally closed loop. A small production of seed to bottle, organically and regeneratively cultivated hemp, slow infused, full-spectrum CBD products.

I know Marigold supports regenerative and organic farming. Can you briefly speak about your beliefs in terms of the importance of organics in the cannabis industry? I think it’s an important conversation to have as we progress into the future. 

This is an area I feel passionate about. Living soil and organic farming have been the cornerstone of our agricultural practice since we first began working with Hemp.

How we grow our food and plants for sustenance, and for industrial and medicinal purposes has a massive impact on the quality of the plant itself and of course the health of the soil, water and ecological biodiversity. 

One of the reasons for creating a small artisanal CBD company is the fact that it is a single source product; all the hemp comes from our small farm, and is gently processed in house.

This means Marigold Botanicals is directly connected to its environment—the high desert of New Mexico—and the small team that runs it. That is not common in the CBD world at the moment.

In your own experience, what do you feel are the most significant benefits of taking CBD oil on a regular basis? What do you observe in terms of your own life? 

Honestly the most significant benefit to a daily dose of CBD is a sense of being grounded. That term is subjective, so for me being grounded means that I am more present in my body, which in turn helps me to relax, remember to breathe and to connect to myself or others. It may seem small but it is mighty.

I love that your company is woman owned and operated, especially since we really set out to support women owned brands at Vitae. How do you feel CBD supports women’s health? 

Us too! Go Women! One of the benefits to CBD that is not often featured is that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Myself and so many women I know have dealt with autoimmune issues that often are very hard to diagnose and treat, but stem from issues around inflammation.

In terms of the evolution of cannabis & hemp, what are some changes you feel need to happen in the industry? 

I think defining terms would be a useful improvement for consumers. Terms like Full-Spectrum and Broad spectrum can be used loosely and are currently not regulated. When a company will publicly show their test results, showing levels of many cannabinoids, then you can trust that the product is truly full or broad spectrum.

Any new products or projects in the works we should know about? 

Yes! We have so many products we would like to introduce. Definitely up next for us is a product specific to the needs of pets. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us Sally –

We’re so happy to partner with you and retail your fabulous products and woman owned business

“Women Owned Business” Shop Marigold Botanicals >>

“We believe in the power of plants to nourish, balance & heal”

Our mission is to produce vibrant remedies through an ethical and authentic process and to share this powerful plant at a fair price. 

Our CBD is always third party tested for purity and potency,

We are women owned and operated. 

We respect our relationship with the natural world and believe in practicing regenerative farming principles.

With the planet’s and your health in mind, we never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

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