Strong Women & Cannabis: Maya Elisabeth

Strong Women & Cannabis

To kick off our Strong Women & Cannabis highlight series, we thought it was only right to start off Maya Elisabeth, the proud creator of an amazing woman owned business.

We sat down with Maya Elisabeth, one of the the leading innovators and original female leaders in cannabis & CBD culture of the Bay Area. She has been an advocate for the healing powers of Mama Ganja since the early days of legalization in California and since then has expanded her business with the vision of bringing the plant’s medicine to those who need it.

Check out our interview below and then treat yourself to some of her divine products in-store or online.

Let’s go way back.  How did you start your journey with Cannabis? When was that?  

I started my journey with Cannabis when I first started consuming it around the age of 11…By the age of 14 I was consuming regularly and making brownies and butter. That evolved further and further to a job at a dispensary as well as being a career trimmer, a career hash maker, having an indoor grow, and having outdoor grows all while making edibles and topicals on the side.

Eventually the edibles and topicals started taking so much time they just took the main seat. In 2008 we established the Omgrown collective under proposition 215 and in 2017 we were awarded the very first cannabis manufacturing permit in CA under proposition 64. Here we are today!

I love that – oh, what a time! How do you feel your relationship to the plant has changed over the years?

It’s really only gotten deeper. I appreciate connecting with this plant so much I often enjoy consuming it by myself so I can really pay attention to flavor profiles…and Cannabis baths have definitely become a huge staple in my life. I also use topicals from head to toe every day.

Personally, how do you feel Cannabis & CBD benefit your mind, body and spirit?  And generally, how have you witnessed the benefits of the plant in terms of women’s health?  Feel free to share any stories from your experience or your community.

Both THC and CBD are extremely helpful during these times. Most of us are working hard and witnessing and experiencing stressful ways of life; Cannabis can be a tool to soften the blow. THC brings the side effect of the high which many enjoy but it is not necessary to benefit from the cannabis plant.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and wonderful for pain and sleep while each type of cannabinoid has something different to offer. I’m a huge fan of dipping tampons into cannabis infused coconut oil to help with cramps as well as using the baths. The therapeutic offerings of this plant are truly endless.

AMEN to all that – and thank you for sharing. What brought OM to life? What was the vision or inspiration behind it? How has that grown?  

Om has always been my baby, my vehicle for rippling out cannabis products to bring relief…We used to be called Queen 215 and then established the Omgrown collective, and eventually decided on the name Om. We came from a time where it was too risky to be associated with our work – so the formulations came before the branding. Once legalization hit branding was the name of the game.

The vision of Om is about treating Cannabis as a superfood. We combine cannabis with other nutrient dense ingredients and superfoods to create superior products. As a woman owned business, we are an inclusive brand and a lot of our focus is about uplifting women and making products that make women feel good.

What are your hopes for the future of Cannabis and CBD in general?  

I’m hoping for federal legalization sooner rather than later because this plant should never have been illegal in the first place. I would love to see taxes go down and even the playing field so more medicine makers have a chance to have a seat at the table.

Lastly, tell me if there’s any new and exciting things going on with OM?! We love your products so much.

We have two new flavors of Epsom salts coming out, along with new varieties of gummies and a few more things I can’t talk about just yet! We are expanding our brand, have a partnership in Maine and are working on and some other collaborative projects as we speak.

Maya, thank you so much for your time and thank you for supporting our community and empowering women in the cannabis space with your woman owned business. We are so happy to connect with you as part of our Strong Women & Cannabis series!

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