Bloom Farms CBD Vape Battery Black


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HIGHLIGHTER® CBD Vape Battery Black

Finish: Classic Black Specialty

No buttons, no preheating, no waiting—just inhale!

  • Compatible with most 510-thread cartridges
  • Best-in-class CCELL hardware
  • Up to 300+ puffs on a charge

State-of-the-Art CCELL Technology

Best-in-class hardware from industry leaders CCELL, our ready-to-go, breath-activated 350 mAh HIGHLIGHTER™ Vapor Battery is compatible with most 510-thread cartridges and optimized for the ideal clean vape experience… up to 300+ puffs on a single charge.

Functional Design

Thoughtful engineering is combined with elegant details for a new standard of form and function. Comfortable in the hand, HIGHLIGHTER™ Vapor Battery recharges in a flash with the included USB charger and has a useful stylus tip.

CBD Vape Battery Black – How To Use

Vaporization technology is breath-activated. After attaching with Bloom Farms CBD Vape Oil, for best results:

1. Position. Bring to mouth at a 45-degree angle.

2. Puff. Inhale slowly for a short puff or two.

3. Delight. LED tip will glow with inhale.

4. Relax. Wait a few minutes for the effects to settle in, then sip as you might a glass of wine.

5. Enjoy. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 as needed to achieve desired effect. Stop when you feel good.

What Makes HIGHLIGHTER® CBD Vape Battery Black the Best Vape?

breath-activated vape  |  510 compatible  |  included USB vape charger

2 reviews for Bloom Farms CBD Vape Battery Black

  1. Alex Anderson

    Package arrived within 7 days with COVID-19 going in – no big deal.
    Package itself was small, discrete and well protected.
    A pin, and a cute seed card was in the package – pleasant surprise.
    The device itself came with the USB plugged in ready to start charging.
    it’s sturdy, does what it’s supposed to do and is a great value.
    Thank you

  2. Stephanie

    I LOVE IT !
    I love this battery!! It’s so cute and works so good… the smoke comes out so smooth I can’t even feel it 🖤

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