Self Care & CBD

How important is self-care?

Well, how important is your health? Many seem to underestimate and undervalue the benefits that reserving time in your schedule to dedicate to self-care can do for your long-term health. Self-care can range from making mental, emotional, or physical improvements within yourself.

According to Living Self Care, self-care tends to improve our immunity, increase positive thinking, and make us less susceptible to things like stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. When focusing on physical self-care, you can accomplish this by devoting time at the gym a few times a week which also assists in releasing endorphins from your brain that can help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for daily tasks. Physical exercise also helps in stimulating the growth of new brain cells that are preventative toward age-related decline. Don’t forget to bring a pain-reducing topical like CBD Living Muscle Freeze roll-on for your post workout needs.

Taking a break to submerge in a tub of warm bubbles and Leef CBD Bath Tea can help stimulate a sense of escape from daily stressors and negativity. Think of it as an emotional vacation that opens the opportunity to take a break from reality and return feeling new and refreshed. Self-care devotion also allows you to spend a moment alone and have dedicated time to reflect on the things that are slowing or growing your personal development.

If you’re someone that is accustomed to a robust and busy schedule, the thought of self-care may seem like a nuisance or even boring to you. Don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s helpful if you classify self-care as a discipline that you have to hold yourself accountable to, just like a lot of other things that are good for us like eating healthy, drinking water, and getting ample sleep. But keep in mind that self-care is all about restoring balance and making a commitment to be the healthiest version of yourself. For those that may be always on the go and trying to keep up with a hectic schedule, try adding Goldmine Adaptogen Powder in your morning coffee to kickstart your day.

Now, common confusion that is associated around the idea of self-care is that it is gender-specific, primarily aimed toward women. Like most all other things in life, restoring harmony, balance, and health within the human body has no gender and should be exercised by anyone and everyone when possible. When thinking about how to develop a self-care routine, it’s important to keep in mind that CBD has great benefits to offer. With it’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties when used in topical form and it’s daily stress, anxiety, pain, and depression management effects when used in injectable form, it truly encompasses having a holistic approach to personal wellness. While exploring products, good topicals that you can never go wrong with are Elevate CBD Body Butter or Vertly CBD Facial Serum. When it comes to ingestibles, a good tincture will always serve you well. Try a few drops of Cannaste CBD Tincture on top of your evening snack or in your bathtub cocktail to escape into a night of relaxation.