Interview with Doug Hutchens of Cannasté

Meet the mind behind your favorite tinctures!

Happy New Year! Yes, we are still celebrating a new year and in that spirit, we want to continue our brand highlight series with the super-tasty AND local Cannasté. You might already recognize this brand since their THC tinctures are now featured in dispensaries throughout the Bay Area, but did you know the brand also offers an entire CBD line? Well, Now you do. 

Meet Cannasté’s owner and creator Doug Hutchens and learn more about the brand and what they are up to in 2021. Then, check out Cannasté’s CBD tinctures and topicals here at Vitae both in-store and online!

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview! We’d love to know a bit about your background. How’d you get into the Cannabis industry? When was that?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Never was a 9-5 type. My background is in construction but I’ve always had a love for cannabis. Whether medicinal or recreational, it’s an amazing plant with so many benefits. I’ve been involved since prop 215 days.

We love the Cannasté line of CBD tinctures at Vitae. How long has Cannasté as a brand been around?

Cannasté has been around since October 2019. We have a presence in the regulated market as well as the CBD space. 

cannaste cinnamint tincture in latte
Try Cannasté Cinnamint tincture in a matcha latte for a yummy twist!

2020 was a massively challenging year for many small businesses. What have been some of the biggest challenges as of late for the company? 

The biggest challenges have been being able to go out and interact with our customers. When COVID hit it pretty much eliminated in person demo days and pop-ups. Now we are trying to utilize social media to the fullest which is a battle in itself.

Big tech frowns upon cannabis in any form and censorship is at an all time high. Big pharma and alcohol can run ads all day long but that is not the case even with hemp based CBD. Platforms will delete your account in a second if they feel what you are posting is against community guidelines. It’s super frustrating.

I hear you there! We are going through the same in terms of social media at the moment. It’s frustrating since we are really just trying to get quality CBD and herbal wellness products out to people, but that’s a whole conversation in itself. 

Cannaste nourishing CBD body creme
Nourishing CBD Body Creme offers relief with a soothing herbal scent

To shift gears, what is Cannasté excited about for the New Year? Any new products we need to know about?

We are excited for 2021 to keep educating the public on the benefits of cannabis & hemp products. We have a great line of 1000mg CBD tinctures in five unique flavor profiles (Cinnamint, Tangerine Cranberry, Blueberry Citrus, Watermelon Lime, & Mango Pineapple) as well as our 270mg salmon oil tincture for pets. Our 500mg body creme was launched at the end of 2020 with amazing reviews and we hope to add a CBD face serum in the spring.

Oh! A facial serum in the mix would be really cool. You also have a line of THC/Cannabis products similar to the CBD line of tinctures. I love what I’ve tried. Tell us a little about those products, where can our customers find them?

Our regulated tinctures can be found throughout the Bay Area through local dispensaries and delivery services. We offer a 19:1 Cinnamint, 1:1 Cranberry Tangerine, and a full THC Blueberry Citrus tincture.

Sounds delicious! We love your tinctures and thanks again for the brief chat. We just want to raise awareness about your CBD tinctures & topicals because they are so good! We’ll keep an ear to the ground for new products.

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entire line of Cannaste tinctures

With 1000mg of CBD in these Broad Spectrum Hemp extract tinctures, these little bottles are well-loved by our customers & friends at Vitae for a multitude of reasons. Most importantly, they work! If you are working with high anxiety levels, suffering from chronic inflammation or having trouble staying asleep at night, we urge you to try a dropper full of Cannasté (or two) each day.  They also boast another feature: they are delicious. While we love the taste of hemp & other herbs, for those who aren’t a fan of the natural hemp/cannabis flavor, these tinctures are for you. Slightly sweetened with a small amount of organic stevia and containing a small amount of non-toxic flavoring, these are great with coffee, a smoothie or mocktail.

Check out our recent recipe post to get some ideas about how to incorporate CBD tincture into your morning smoothie routine and beyond!

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