CBD for Sleep

Ah, the quest for dreamland, the need for snooze…We at Vitae understand how important regular sleep is to a healthy lifestyle, science shows that people who sleep better are less anxious, happier and live longer – who doesn’t want these things? In a double blind study conducted over the course of a month, CBD was shown to improve the quality of sleep in 66% of participants. This is one of many reasons why we are firm believers in taking our CBD before bedtime. Need a few lifestyle tips to sleep better? Want product recommendations? Read on!

Which CBD products can help me sleep better?

Vitae is dedicated to keeping stocked up on high quality products infused with healing botanicals to help you feel better and live better! Here’s some of our favorites specifically for sleep:

CBD Living Sleep Gummies

25mg CBD + 5mg Melatonin per gummy

CBD Living PM Sleep Gummies

The infused melatonin in each chewy piece helps you get to sleep by simulating the effect of darkness for your brain, while the CBD helps you stay asleep as shown in research. These are tried and tested by our beloved customers and the feedback is that they WORK!

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CBD Living Sleep Aid Syrup

25mg CBD + 2mg Melatonin per tablespoon

CBD Living Cherry Sleep Syrup

This is a great liquid option similar to the CBD Living Sleep Gummies, but with a little less Melatonin. With a sweet cherry flavor it’s easy to have a spoonful before bed or mix in with your favorite juice for a CBD sleep cocktail!

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Gron Snooze Tart Cherry Fruit Chews

15mg per gummy

Gron Snooze Tart Cherry Sleep Fruit Chews

This powerful blend of broad-spectrum hemp CBD & CBN is also infused with Valerian Root to help you catch more Z’s. Made with real tart cherry, these yummy vegan fruit chews can ease you into sleep and help you sleep better.

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Xula ZZZ! Lights Out Tincture

500 mg CBD + 75 mg CBN infused with Kava, Passionflower, Hops & More!

Xula Lights Out Sleep Tincture

First off, we absolutely love Xula! This women-owned company and their products are amazing! Formulated by herbalists, this unique blend that contains hemp extract with other powerful herbs designed specifically for sleep.
Note: The taste of this product is STRONG & herbal but we love it!

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Mr. Moxey’s Dream Mints

25mg CBD per mint + Valerian Root, Passionflower & Lavender

A lower dose option for those who are newer to CBD or more sensitive to its effects, this is another company that is combining the power of CBD with extra medicinal herbs to promote sleep. Pop two of these before bed to enjoy a nice 10mg dose of CBD before bed to help you snooze with ease.

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Wyld Elderberry Sleep Gummies

25mg CBD + 5mg CBN per gummy

Wyld Elderberry CBD Sleep Gummies

The newest addition to our sleep line, these delicious elderberry gummies are infused with CBN, which can help you get to sleep, and CBD to help you stay asleep! It’s a little like watching sheep count you.

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Cannaste Tinctures

1000 mg CBD per bottle | 33-35 mg CBD per dropper

All Cannaste CBD Tinctures

Our forever recommendation for tinctures with a hint of sweet, Cannaste is ideal for those who just want a high dosage of CBD without the addition of any other herbs or compounds. They come in 5 lovely non-toxic flavors and is delicious:  Cinnamint, Blueberry Citrus, Tangerine Cranberry, Watermelon Lime & Pineapple Mango.

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We hope you found this list helpful in finding a product that will work for your lifestyle to calm the mind and body in order to help you sleep better. If none of these caught your attention, check out our full CBD selection below! Until next time, stay well ❤

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